The First Time I Had Anal Sex

The First Time I Had Anal Sex

I always thought it would hurt. Or at least be uncomfortable. Maybe not (hopefully not) the whole way through, but at first. But that wasn't my experience.

The first time I had anal sex it was completely comfortable and pleasurable. I think I really lucked out. :)

This was more than five years ago now, and I was in my mid-thirties. I had been curious about anal sex for quite a while and would fantasize about doing it, but I was also unsure. 

There was the pain issue, like I mentioned above. There were the logistical issues of fitting a relatively large thing inside of a tight hole. There was the issue of being unfamiliar with it. And there was also the issue of its relatively-taboo nature. Respectable women didn't allow things inside their asshole. 

But, nevertheless, I was definitely interested. 

One night, naked and in bed with my partner, we got into a spooning position and he put the head of his cock up to my asshole for some stimulation. We had experimented just a little with some anal stuff before, and I had experimented some with other partners as well. 

His cock against my ass felt really good--and I was super wet. The more that he gently pushed and moved against my tight hole, the better it felt and the wetter I got. So wet that it was naturally dripping down around my asshole making everything nice and smooth and slippery. 

Suddenly, his entire cock slid right in.

There was no pain, no discomfort, just his cock penetrating my ass and stimulating my very sensitive rim. It was (obviously) different from vaginal penetration, but the same too. I couldn't feel much of anything past the opening, like his cock was disappearing into thin air. 

I also enjoyed how naughty it made me feel. To be engaging in this act that some people think of as too dirty. To be experimenting with a part of the body that I wasn't supposed to. I enjoy those kind of things. 

It lasted for probably close to ten minutes before he came inside of me. No need to worry about pregnancy there! And then he pulled out. And I was left with the realization that I had just had some really enjoyable first time anal sex. 

And there you have it. :)

I also like writing anal sex in my stories. It can be a surprisingly erotic sexual act to write, romantic even, and, potentially, very intimate. 

I always like depicting anal as something very pleasurable between the two people involved, not necessarily something where power dynamics are front and center, which can often be the case. 

If you're interested in receiving anal and haven't done so before, my best advice is: listen to your body. It will tell you if you should keep going, adjust, or stop all together. And you'll probably find that it's a very pleasurable and erotic experience. 

Ambyr Leigh is an erotic fiction author who likes to write cheating and older woman/younger man, among other things. Check out The Beach 1 (free) on a variety of ebook retailers about a sexy spring break fling.