Erotica Recommendations

The stories listed below are my personal erotica recommendations; stories that I've read and loved. It can be hard to find stuff you like when your options are endless, so I thought these might be helpful. If you like the stories I write, you may also like the stories I like to read.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning if you click through and buy something I'll get a small commission at no cost to you. Everything here is something I've read and really enjoyed and any commissions I receive help me to keep writing sexy stories, so, to me, that sounds like a win/win. ;)

Older Woman/Younger Man

Seduction In The Sand by Ada Van Ack--Content Notes: M/F,  Age Gap, Voyeurism, Short Story--This is a fun, sensual story set at the beach featuring a middle-aged woman who meets a sexy guy half her age. She's also into watching others. Free (at time of writing this) at most retailers, 99 cents at Amazon.

The Cougar's Den: Bundle: Books 1 - 3 by Bella Beaumont--Content Notes: M/F, Age Gap, Rough Sex, Short Story--A successful businesswoman develops a taste for younger men and goes for exactly what she wants! Naughty, dirty, frisky fun. Available in Kindle Unlimited (at the time of writing this).


Lockdown And Dirty by Guy White--Content Notes: M/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Short Story--This one you could refer to as "roommates with benefits." Taking place during the Covid lockdown, two roommates end up getting very close. This one's a slow burn, and is sweet as well as spicy. Available in Kindle Unlimited (at the time of writing this).

In The Attic: Forbidden Age Gap Sex by Emme Cox--Content Notes: M/F, Age Gap, Older Man/Younger Woman, Rough Sex, Creampie, Short Story--In this short tale of forbidden sex, 18-year-old Bailey hooks up with her mom's ex--fresh-from-prison, ex-con Tyler--in the attic, while Mom and her new boyfriend conduct bible study a couple of floors down in the living room. This one is 'quick and dirty' at its best. Hot, sexy, and naughty. Available at a wide variety of retailers. 99 cents (at time of writing).

Stroking by Kiki Wellington--Content Notes: M/F, Oral sex, Handjobs, Short Story--I have always loved the massage trope in porn/erotica and this story delivers on that in a big way. Truth be told, there isn't an incredible amount of sex in this book, but what there is is very sexy and very sensual, and centers around the famed "happy ending." Also, there's a fun twist. Available for free at a variety of retailers (at time of writing).

Medium Publications

Erotic Fantasies--Content Notes: Wide variety of content. Check individual stories.--A good place for short erotic stories on the shorter side. Wide variety of content/subject matter. You may need to sign up for a Medium account in order to read some and even then you'll need to be a paying subscriber in order to read more than 2 or 3 in a month, I think.   

Micro Erotica--Content Notes: Wide variety of content. Check individual stories. Very short!--This is one of my favorite Medium publications for erotica because everything is under 750 words! If you only have 1 or 2 minutes (literally) and want to get an erotic story fix, this is your place for it. A wide variety of subject matter is explored here and some pieces have an "experimental" vibe to them because they are so short. Definitely check this one out.   

Quick and Dirty--Content Notes: Wide variety of content. Check individual stories. Extremely short!--This very unique Medium publication for erotic writing contains posts that are no longer than 150 words. Think about two tweets worth. I love browsing this one to find fun 1-minute erotic reads. I'm often surprised at how authors can pack a punch in such a short amount of time. 

***Medium is an excellent place to read erotica and there's a lot of it. However, if you are not a paying member ($5 a month) you will only be able to read a few posts per month. The sheer amount (and quality) of stuff to read makes that 5 bucks well worth it--I should know because I am a member. Use my referral link to become a member (I'll receive a small commission at no cost to you.).***


Delta of Venus: Erotica by Anais Nin--Content Notes: M/F, Wide variety of content.--This one's a classic, but is quite a bit different than what you are probably used to reading today. Honestly, the sex is quite tame, but it is definitely erotic and sensual. If anything, I like this one for providing a window into erotica from a different time period (early/mid 20th century). This is a collection of short stories.


Creamed By My Brother In The Basement by Neve Nox--Content Notes: M/F, Incest (Brother/Sister), Dubcon, Age Gap, Rough Sex, Short Story--Well, the title says it all, doesn't it? Bad boy older brother and innocent younger sister get extremely naughty in the basement. Available only at Smashwords.

Daddy Sold My Virgin Hole by John Valjean--Content Notes: M/M, Incest (Father/Son), Rough Sex, Short Story, First Time, Anal Sex--Another one where the title doesn't leave much to the imagination. Take one hot, successful escort father and his inexperienced, curious, and very horny teenage son, then drop in one of Dad's most insatiable clients and you have this story. Filthy from start to finish. Available only at Smashwords.